Spread betting or not, no matter which way you trade we can tell you which UK shares and US stocks to buy and when to sell

Whether it is CFDs, Spread Betting, Direct Purchase, Stock Futures or Options, we will show you which stocks offer the best growth potential

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A Template of over 25 years’ technical analysis experience finding the best growth stocks to buy (now using CFDs and Spread Betting) and when to take the profits.

We provide a successful investment strategy template designed to make money on the stock market; it shows the best stocks (shares and ETFs) to buy for capital growth and how to help protect your capital and profits.

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Nothing succeeds like success. For example, using ShareHunter’s stock tips and applying the investment trading strategy to trade share and ETF CFDs or spread betting for a SIPP, a UK £25,000 model account has in 5 years and before costs increased to £200,500 and a $25,000 US Stocks model account has reached $280,000.* That’s how to make money on the stock market!

*No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve similar levels of profit. It is very important that you read our Disclaimer page.

Individual Traders and SIPP Investors

Newspapers, magazines, television and many websites give stock market trading tips for shares and (some) Exchange Traded Funds but most, if not all of it, is too public and usually too late to be of any real value. ShareHunter provides alerts (stock tips on shares and ETFs) which are immediate ‘breakout’ capital growth prospects and which can be bought outright or traded using CFDs, Spread Betting or Options. We also provide a detailed and proven successful trading strategy template. Show more

Stock Brokers

ShareHunter’s Technical Research covers over 2250 stocks and shares (FTSE 350, S&P 500 and Nasd.100 plus UK and US ETFs). In addition there is weekly analytical review of the UK and US stock market movements which is expanded monthly to include other major World stock markets. All designed to add value to existing in-house fundamental and technical research and to provide a wider technical base from which to formulate clients’ buying programs and weightings decisions.
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Independent Financial Advisors

Introducing your portfolio-holding and SIPP clients to ShareHunter’s Technical Research and UK Share (and/or US Stocks) and ETF trading strategy will not only add to the value of those portfolios but also to the depth of care and service provided to each of your clients as well as to the overall level of your earnings from their portfolios.
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I look forward to a long and profitable relationship together."
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